writing challenge. day fourteen.

when they say run like the wind it almost sounds stupid when you think about it. the wind doesn’t run, it doesn’t have legs or feet. so how the hell are you supposed to run like it? one day i figured it out though. actually i ran faster than the wind. i don’t care what anyone says. i don’t need some scientist telling me that’s impossible or that such a claim needs to be tested. i know what i did so just take my word for it. i was about sixteen when it happened. i was a dealer, no longer just a runner for any of the other guys. i was on their level, or rather i was still better than they ever were but we were on the same playing field. i was set up one day though. i didn’t suspect it because the deal was supposed to be another guys but he couldn’t make it. he enlisted me, gave me the drugs, and said i’d get half the profit. i only took it because i had no other deals going on and i figured why not make a little extra cash without having to use my goods? the meet up was next to an abandoned building. it was run down but it was the least suspicious spot in the area. as i approached the place i had my backpack on, which held the goods and also threw off the pigs. i was still sixteen so i looked like any other school kid walking around. i made sure i didn’t look like i was homeless and kept my appearance up. because i did that it kept other dealers off my case, although i knew they were dealers they had no idea about me just yet. i wasn’t about to allow myself to be mixed in with a bunch of washed up junkies who were trying to work off an unpayable debt. i was better than they were. once i got to the building i realized i was the first one there. that wasn’t supposed to happen. ever. the buyer always needed to be there first and ready to go. the process was quick and easy. hand over the right amount of cash and the drugs were yours. then it was done. simple enough. with the buyer not there i was suspicious. whether or not something was wrong wasn’t the question. it was a question of what would happen in the time i was there. that’s when i heard the car. just the tires running over the curb and onto the pavement told me it was the pigs. i’d been set up. i looked around, knowing there was only one way out and the pigs knew it too. just as the sirens came on with the flashing lights i turned on my heels and took off. i bolted down around the building, my backpack slapping against me like a whip encouraging me to go faster. it was a good thing i kept up with playing sports and staying in shape like that. it always came in handy one way or another. i could hear the footfalls behind me pounding against the pavement along with the jingle of keys and other accessories that were held on a pig’s belt. i don’t know what all they have on those things other than a gun, but i’m sure they had plenty of other useful items they could use as needed. i wasn’t about to turn around and find out either. i could hear them calling out for me to stop. what made them think i was going to do that? if i was caught they’d send me to juvie undoubtedly or perhaps they’d go so far as to try me as an adult. why not? i was a dealer. they’d probably try to do a plea bargain though. if i were to rat out any of the other dealers or even a source i would get a lesser sentence. even if i got caught i would never do that. i’m not a rat. plus, i wouldn’t get caught. i couldn’t. i had other more important things to do.

as i ran i wasn’t sure how many were coming after me. i guessed about two but one was obviously out of shape as i heard the heavy panting after only running a short distance. i knew i could easily take the heavy pig but there had to be more around. they wouldn’t just send one car after me. there had to be more. drugs were a big deal, it wasn’t something to be ignored or trifled with. it brought in the biggest pay for those dealing it and for those who caught the culprits. i began to round the corner of the abandoned building making sure to head the opposite direction of the streets. i assumed that there would be more pigs waiting there and i was correct. i caught the expression of two more pigs out of the corner of my eye who were shocked to see me go right by them instead of straight into them. they thought i’d be an easy target but i was going to prove them wrong. they wouldn’t forget me anytime soon. i ran a bit faster now, unsure of which way to go. the back streets in the area weren’t that familiar but i knew to avoid the streets. i came up to a fence and immediately jumped onto it, having to scale it a few feet before turning myself around and jumping back to the ground. i saw the fives pigs running towards me for a split second, taking note that two were seriously lagging behind while only one seemed to have the lead on the other two by a few feet. i smirked a bit before i turned and began running around. i heard one start talking loudly into their walkie saying they needed backup and the “kid” was heading west. i was only a kid to them. i hadn’t even earned the title of culprit or suspect. that was pathetic, on their end at least. they weren’t even going to give me a proper title. there was no reason they could mistake me for being a regular kid who just happened to love running from the pigs. i heard the first pig hit into the fence and begin his struggle over it as i saw that ahead of myself there was the street, all ready lined with a pig car. great. i turned to see that there wasn’t anywhere else to go really, so i did the only thing i could think to do. i bashed my elbow into one of the building’s windows and climbed through it, finding that it was another abandoned building. i don’t remember if the glass cut me or anything like that but pain was nothing. i could handle that sort of thing. i ran through the building trying to figure my way out of it. i found the front door that led to the street but i knew there would be pigs there shortly. if i continued around in the same area though they would have me surrounded soon enough. i went through the front door just as some new pigs were starting towards it from the outside. they both fell over, much to their surprise, while i pushed through, making my into the street and running like the win. i was running so fast i can’t even describe it to you. forget the wind whipping through my hair as i was heaving and catching my breath as i kept up the sprint that soon changed into an all out race pace. no one was close to being behind me. i couldn’t even hear cars speeding after me. i was faster than all of them. no one could catch me, one one ever would.

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