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a teen wolf au in which everyone is an android

"I think it’s kinda cute." Kate props a hand on her hip and peers through the observation glass at Sc077’s testing chamber. "Look at him with his big creepy robot eyes and his little bugs in the code. Adorable."

"This is more than bugs, Katherine." Allison’s executive processors start calculating escape routes whenever Dr. Gerard’s voice sounds like that. "Watch."

Sc077 asked her to call him Scott yesterday. Allison does, and wipes it from her memory before it’s logged as data. She carefully doesn’t think about why. Scott is entering the immersion program now, making his way towards his objective with careful, measured uses of his special enhancements for strength and speed. Allison likes watching him. She likes that her enhanced eyes are the only ones in the room that can track his movements.

The program wavers. In Scott’s path is a human child, injured. Allison’s eyes narrow. They’ve done this same experiment with her; she preformed adequately. She called emergency services for the child without slowing her pace.

Scott stops. He bends down, reaches out a hand to the child. She can sense him modulating his voice, soft and calm and with the motherhood harmonics from their sound templates. Allison glances at Gerard. That’s wrong. Scott has done something wrong.

Kate and Gerard turn away from the screen as the program terminates.

"I knew Alan’s stupid Synthetic Soul program was shit. This is why we should keep programmers within the family," Kate comments. "Is the other one fucking up too?"

"See for yourself." The other observation wall clears. This one’s call number is very long, St0186529374. Scot calls him Stiles. Allison doesn’t know why. He’s sitting at a terminal, plugged into a data field. Allison watches the screen; logic sets. Analysis, inference and synthesis. She performs well on those but after roughly 90 minutes finds her attention sort of…wandering.

Stiles is fast, faster than Allison is at least. His fingers dance over the input keys, check check clear, check check clear.

"Watch this." Gerard alters the program from his terminal. Allison catches a glimpse of it as it goes past, and cross-references with her web uplink. That’s not a logic set. Her processors don’t return an answer for it.

In the room, Stiles frowns. His fingers dance; hesitate; try again. Check. Check. Check check check check check check—

"Oh good, you broke it," Kate starts—

The center of Stiles’ left eye sparks, just a flash, and then the program dings. Clear.

"What the fuck?" Kate leans over the screen. "He doesn’t have the programming for that. Whatever that was."

"Insight. Lateral thinking. Inspiration.” Gerard’s voice is doing the thing again. Allison stands very still. “And the alpha model? Compassion. Empathy. Nurturing. This is more than mere bugs in the code, Katherine. We have two bona fide ghosts in the machine.”

As one, they turn to look at Allison. For some reason her homeostasis maintenance systems start functioning at heightened levels. She thinks she might be trying to sweat.

"May I be of service?" she asks, standard phrase, basic programming, no understanding of what is going on other than that she might be required.

Kate grins. “At least our Argent models are still working right.”

"Indeed." Gerard is still watching her. Allison meets his gaze with eyes she knows are flat and lifeless as any other machine’s, and very carefully doesn’t think about the roof of the facility, the wind in her hair, the clear ‘off-limits, you may not enter’ note in her programming. She tries very hard to keep out of her mind the knowledge that she has done what not even Scott and Stiles have yet managed to do:


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Skull Violin

Stratton Violin

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Pacific Rim AU in which Herc and Stacker are both single fathers who get called into school because their respective nine-year-olds decided to pick a fight. Several fights. Everyone is very disappointed.

"I’m sorry," Herc says when they’re alone in the principal’s office. "It was probably Chuck’s fault. He - he’s been having some difficulties."

He’s too tired to make it sound nicer; he’d been up at the police station until four am, working on a dead-end case. He runs a hand over his face, half-hiding a yawn and half-checking for stubble - the man sitting opposite him had that effect on people. He was so well-dressed it was almost painful; a CEO, Herc guesses, or a lawyer.

"Not at all," Stacker Pentecost says (and Herc would have been skeptical if his own name wasn’t Hercules, for God’s sake). “Mako’s had some difficulty with moving. I’ll be sure to talk to her.”

That explained the English accent.

Actually, Mako and Chuck are friends - they just have a funny way of showing it. But that doesn’t mean their dads need to be friends too. Or like, see each other a lot. A lot a lot. Seriously dads. Stop. Stop it now.

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I would literally sell my soul for a scene where Scott goes around to his friends one by one and just talks to them about his being an alpha now and the option of being part of his pack, because he doesn’t want to be that kind of alpha, doesn’t want to force them into anything and to be honest he’s a little nervous. But everyone basically says “Of course we’re in your pack, you beautiful werewolf princeling ‎(✿◡‿◡)

(Lydia tries to be flippant at first, well it’s not like I’m going to be the only supernatural left out of your little club, I had enough of that last semester, but in the end she softens and gives Scott a genuine smile)

(Allison hugs him and squeezes him tight because she’s so proud, and she’s proud of herself too, because she can look him in the eyes and tell him that things with the Argents will be different from now on)

(Isaac makes some dry comment about being honored to be the first and only actual wolf in Scott’s pack, but the easy way he falls into step at Scott’s back speaks louder than words)

What if Stiles put his hands on Scott’s shoulders, looked him in the eye and said “I will follow you to the end, my brother. My captain.”


"My king.”


"Shh, it’s not every day I get to quote Lord of the Rings, just go with it. Let it happen.”

"I’m not kissing your forehead."

"Well fine, if you wanna be totally inaccurate.” And Stiles kisses Scott’s forehead while everyone else in the school courtyard rolls their eyes because ScottnStiles.

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Game of Thrones AU | The Night’s Watch as a Sisterhood

I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.
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i want leonardo dicaprio to be nominated for an oscar for the great gatsby and i want him to win but if he doesn’t, i want him to just go


and walk onto the stage, take the statue and walk out completely calmly and everyone else just lets him

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i think one day leonardo dicaprio should be the host that reads the nominees for best actor and when he opens the envelope to see who won it turns out his name is printed neatly in the center and he chokes up a little and his eyes water and his cohost takes the card and exclaims LEONARDO DICAPRIO!! and the audience cheers and leo cries and his supporting actors and actresses come up and hug him

i dont care if this goes against oscar tradition i just want leo to be happy

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or maybe you’d be…… looking for alaska

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my dream is to one day make enough money to remake the movie twilight so that everything is exactly the same except edward cullen is played by kanye west and kanye west doesnt have a script and isn’t even aware of what the plot of the movie is, he’s just kanye west reacting to twilight in real time

#i didn’t know i wanted this until now

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not sure if the hug will happen


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If I had this, i’d be rich.

Where can I get this?! 

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[HOT TOYS] The Avengers: Thor & Loki

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