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Would you rather… [x]

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Would You Rather… [x]

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Samuel L. Jackson “singing” We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift on Capital FM.

(Actually the best thing I’ve ever heard on radio. Or ever.)

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Anne: So even though we both have dramatic movies coming out this Christmas, ‘Django Unchained’ and ‘Les Miserables,’ it’s important to remember the more upbeat aspects of the season.”

Sam: Yeah, especially since both of our films can be a little bleak.

Anne: Both?

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Because of him!

#oh ok let’s make thor feel even more guilty

That’s right. Thor already feels guilty. I bet he feels guilty about Loki’s madness. I bet he feels responsible for it. Then the fucking Shield makes weapons and blames Thor for it. I think he already has enough to blame himself. You don’t need to point your finger in his face.

Poor Thor… He could help his brother destroy the world because he sure has the power to do so. But instead, he’s helping defend a realm he doesn’t even live in because he loves earth and humans and it’s not his fault Loki went mad, so Shield, you deserve a big slap in the face for making Thor feel that way.

Exactly. I guess no one in the group really gives the true value to the effort that Thor made to fight his own brother. His own brother. Nobody seems to care how much he must be suffering, how confusing is his head. Look at the efforts he made and he’s so hurt, so tired. But he never gives up on doing what is right, even if it kills him inside. Even if it means losing his brother forever. In my opinion, Thor is the greatest hero of all.

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#sassy Nick is having none of your shit today

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The Avengers meet Harry Potter

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