Dylan and Tyler talks about how Stiles and Scott became bestfriends.

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"Dylan O’Brien just hugged a fan who broke down crying. He gave her his name tag."

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Teen Wolf Panel (x)

they are literally just happy that the other exists lol

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Posey: first time I heard the song Rude by Magic I texted Dylan "We need to start a reggae babe"
Dylan: And I didn't realize he meant reggae band, so I texted him back "Alright babe."
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"Who in the cast enjoys being a sex symbol?" aka how to confuse a puppy [x]

No really - He was so so lost

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Tyler carrying Holland and Colton trying to keep her dress down. 

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Posey and Dylan play-fighting [x]

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“Teen Wolf cast challenge #1. Coach Orny Adams vs Tyler Posey.”

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everyone. the answer is everyone. [x]

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The top 10 things you did not know about Allison Argent!

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