It's over now. What have you done?

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You cannot know the calm of a storm’s center without first knowing the thrumming of tempests in your blood

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loki is a treasure trove of ridiculous faces in this scene

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you once said that you remember one
perhaps now that is all we are
mere shadows of nothing
but of one another

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"My memory loves you; it asks about you all the time." — Jonathan Carroll

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I rose too high, loved too hard, dared too much. I tried to grasp a star, overreached, and fell.

-George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

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i love how some people are obsessed with the idea of their favorite character being able to lift or move mjolnir yet they act as if thor being able to do it is nothing. they don’t even mention thor when they’re talking about something that’s so essential and important to him as a character mjolnir is only there to turn your fave into a great worthy or whatever person

pls stop

#that first line tho  #dropping truth bombs all over the place  #y’all act like it’s this huge deal for your fav but thor doesn’t even matter  #thor never matters  #bitter thor stan life 2kforever  #people only care about thor when it benefits their other faves tbh  #and even then he’s grievously mischaracterized (via homovikings)

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You got the lightning. Light the bastards up.

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Hush the whales and the ocean tide ;
Tell the salt marsh and beat on your drum (x);
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au where tumblr appreciates thor for all of his wonderful personality instead of having him being the butt of jokes and part of “steve can hold mjolnir” posts

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Thor (2011) Thor: The Dark World (2013)

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what i look for in a guy

  • blond hair
  • a heart of gold
  • blue eyes
  • muscles on his muscles
  • wields a magical hammer
  • is a demigod
  • it’s thor
  • i want thor
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