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“I climbed out of the pit. I found my father. And brought him back to exact terrible vengeance. But by that time, the prisoners and doctor had done they’re work to my friend; my protector. The league took us in, trained us. But my father could not accept Bane. He saw only a monster, whose very existence was a reminder of the hell he left his wife to die in. He excumunicated Bane from the league of shadows; His only crime… was that he loved me. I could not forgive my father.”

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Tom Hardy in character as Bane drawing the winner for one of the prizes given away at Heinz Field for the filming of The Dark Knight Rises. (x)

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We come not as conquerors, but as liberators to return control of this city to the people.

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tom hardy on following heath ledger’s legacy as a batman villain

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Tom Hardy on how he gets buffed up for his roles. [x]

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Bane is looking for Batman, and then comes down the stairs, has six or seven contacts with police officers, and faces off with Batman to beat him up. And Batman is whaling through the mercenaries to get to Bane and beat him up.

When we shot it the first time, there were so many police officers in the scene that I didn’t know which seven I was supposed to hit! So I was just hitting anybody. And then, I was down in the crowd looking for Batman, and I couldn’t see him anywhere; he was twenty feet over to my right, and he couldn’t see me either. It was like, ‘Hey, Batman, I’m over here!’ ‘Oh, okay.’ So we had to reshoot that a few times.


Tom Hardy, on punching the wrong actors on Wall Street whilst shooting TDKR (via thegoddamnblogman)
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Bane meets the Joker

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- What are you?

- I am Gotham’s reckoning.

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When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die

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“…because when it hits you’re all going to wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

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Bane in green → asked by baneing

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