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Jeff Davis on who he’s currently shipping on Teen Wolf

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What’s your most awkward teen moment? (x)

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what everybody actually hears while listening to Tyler Hoechlin.

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“full moon is coming, and with the way things are going, i have a feeling it’s gonna be a rough one”
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sterek alphabet
t → team work

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#the BEST thing about this parallel is that #even though scott and allison are canonically in a relationship #and derek and stiles JUST BARELY tolerate each other #scott only just tells allison to run#keeping his eyes on the enemy #only sparing her that one word of warning #MEANWHILE #derek fucking hale #badass number one #COMPLETELY TURNS HIS BACK #AND PHYSICALLY #PUSHES STILES AWAY #which is a rookie move and he suffers the consequences immediately after #but the point is scott doesnt turn to look at the girl he’s in love with and trying to protect #but derek totally swivels to create a barrier for a boy we’re supposed to believe he doesn’t give a damn about #jeff davis tried so hard to write an incredible and touching love story for scott and allison #but in the background an even more beautiful love story grew without his even trying

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Tyler Hoechlin arrives at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.

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#derek hale: bitchfaces of season one

#i love how in season one his bitchfaces were more glares than anything #and in season two he full on rolls his eyes and gets huffy #like he seriously just cannot handle all the idiocy on a daily basis #and it’s too much to contain any longer

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If you’re going through hell, keep going.

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#Dear diary #today I went to threaten Scott’s best friend to help me #and he made me try on shirts #I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal when you write it down #but it was in front of a stranger #and the only one that fit was all colorful #you know I can’t wear colors diary #my wardrobe has to be black and gray like my soul #frowny face

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correct me if i’m wrong, but i think this is the first time derek’s touched stiles in a non-threatening or non-life-saving capacity. it’s a tangible thank you, a quick squeeze. reassurance and thanks mixed into one “small” gesture. he could’ve just run straight to scott, but instead took that second to acknowledge stiles

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